5 Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great alternative to replacement of the cabinets. Many homeowners interested in kitchen remodeling Connecticut use refacing to update the look in their kitchen, and perhaps this is the option most worth your consideration. Here we will examine five great benefits you will enjoy when you opt for cabinet refacing during your kitchen remodeling Connecticut.

1.    Cost

One of the biggest reasons that people reface instead of replace is the cost. You can easily reface the cabinets at a relatively inexpensive price. The same cannot be said if you are replacing the cabinets.

2.    Easier

It you want to replace the cabinets in your kitchen, you’ll need to de-gut things and basically start from the structure up. This can be a time consuming and costly job that accounts for about 60% of the total remodeling budget.

3.    Choices

Don’t think that you will settle for the choices available when you opt for kitchen cabinet refacing. There are tons of great cabinet styles and designs available to accommodate your desires. You’re sure to find just what you love!

4.    Customize your Look

Even when you opt for refacing, the option to customize your look is there.  Many homeowners love the thought of having a customized look in their kitchen that is all their own, and you will, too. When you opt for refacing of your cabinets, you create the customized look that you want for less.

5.    More Effective Kitchen

When you gain more space, you eliminate hassles around the kitchen and gain more space to work and enjoy yourself. The kitchen is where the heart is, especially when you have efficiency and effectiveness in your design.

Why not talk to a professional about kitchen cabinet refacing and update your look today?