Does Testosterone Go Directly Into the Blood Stream?

Testosterone is naturally produced in a man’s body, although a decline in the amounts produced is noted after the age of 35. The side effects of low testosterone production include lack of energy, loss of sexual interest, increased fat, and others. It is also increasingly different to build muscle when proper testosterone levels are not found within the body. Men who work out or body build use testosterone supplements to enhance their muscle size and avoid the other symptoms that come with this condition. Since testosterone goes directly into the blood stream, it works quickly, making it desirable for men who want to get pumped before they hit the gym.

Testosterone decanoate is one of the testosterone types that reaches the bloodstream quickly. This hormone reaches the blood stream quickly because it is injected so that it reaches the decanoate ester faster. This lengthens the amount of testosterone in the body while slowing the time that it takes to deplete the hormone from the body. The injectable steroid is a slower acting version of the pill but is not recommended for use outside of a hospital setting since many risks come along with its use.

When using a testosterone supplement, ensure that you are aware of the possible side effects. Although many users of testosterone will note mild symptoms or side effects, they’re usually not of concern. But, it is better to be safe than to be sorry later down the road. It takes so little to learn so much. Why not find out what you should know about testosterone supplements before you start using them? Some potential side effects that you might experience with the use of a testosterone supplement:

–    Water retention

–    High blood pressure

–    High blood pressure

–    High cholesterol

–    Fatty plaque buildup in arteries

–    Male pattern baldness

–    Hair loss